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Keep checking back here whenever you feel the urge to get the scoop on the next gig.


None planned at the moment till we finish writing new material.


Sunday 18th August - Club 77 - Darkfest 2 - This was probably one of our best played gigs yet. Cheers to everyone who watched us and said they liked out stuff afterwards.
Check out the flyer here.

Monday 8th July - The Hopetoun Hotel - We played alongside Zeitgeist and New Project . Thanks to Shayne for giving us the gig.

Friday May 31st - The Glasshouse, Lvl 3, UTS Tower - Band Comp - We came a very close second in this one (goddamn punk bullshit). But hey we drew in a crowd while we playing so the punk band actually had ppl watching them.

Saturday March 9th - Camperdown Bowling Club - Dark Fest - Even though the organisation sorta crapped out on the day, it was still a good gig. Maybe theyll hold another one, maybe well play at it, and you never know... maybe it will run on time!
Click here to view the flyer or here to view the other one!

Friday January 18th - Forest Inn Bexley: At First Light played alongside Kazera and Point Laruso. Thanks to both bands and also the crowd for their support!

Saturday October 27th - Dubbo Civic Centre - Voltage Festival: We played our first gig! Being Voltage Festival. It was tops. We loved it. Some of you loved it. And were coming back next year!

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