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Soul Restraint

Im chained to my throne,
Black and tortured.
Its bones dig into my wounds
As I twist to escape its fire.

Forlorn and shame filled
I bow my head
Knowing that theres nothing left
And nothing that can be.

The morning light does not allow
For me to feel (any relief).
Looking to you to free me.
Looking to you to heal me.

Why cant I feel?
What I need to know?
Why cant I see?
All I need to know?

written by weege 2001

Its winter again in my world
And its raining, and im drowning.
Its time for me to die again
And im bleeding and im crying

I sit here facing the unknown
But im still, and im patient.
My blood flows into the water
Makes my sorrow crimson. Makes it visible

Death comes with life. Sadness comes with joy
For you’ve left me and I cant take it
Day turns to night, shadows fall on me.
Lifes gone to long and I wont take it

The mist that is my misery
Swirls around your face.
Please leave me alone.
Please let me be free

My pain is screaming heavily
I need help and it wont come from you.
Its time for me to die again
And im bleeding and im dying.

written by weege 2001


I stand in the middle of the plain,
Storm clouds gathering above me.
And I kneel because I hear your voice.
And I beg to see you once more.

The sand runs through my fingers,
That ive thrust into the ground,
Trying to find my salvation,
Trying to get closer to you.

The downpour begins and I scream.
Why do I feel this way?
This isnt right and cannot be.
Why did you leave?

The rain turns to snow,
And the cold begins to burn.
I remembering shivering,
And being warmed in your arms.

The darks taken you away,
And im here alone.
Freezing in this land,
Rocking myself to sleep.

Embracing my own now I dream.
Ive found you from your light.
And I wait.
Soon to join you again.

written by weege 2001

The Age of Wind and Moon

                  Your name rises to the clouds
                  Your spine shrieks at the sound
                  Your time that does soon come
                  The age of wind and moon

                  Trickle down with ball and chain
                  Finding I cannot tame one to blame
                  Look inside and find nothing in my name
                  Grow heavy, echo’s follow in shadow
                  Infinity comes so close
                  Infinity the lost age of forever
                  And a new days morn lost
                  I fear always out of reach
                  I fear I will melt before day

Buckle under pressure
Bend due to strain
Forced to comply
All walls are closing
The age of wind and moon

                  Your spine is your name
                  Standing hunched you fall
                  All alone, tanning in the burning sun

written by tim 2001


Suffered so dismal, who could know?
Learning to live, trying to see
That this is all for real
This is all just for me.

Dragging me down, flowing no more.
Emptiness lies waiting, hoping to cling on
Looking for the new beginning.
Looking for hope in your eyes.

Going on through your spirit
Traveling on down this path
Fearing the known
Hating the past.

Dusk outlines your face
And to you I offer my hand.
Come with me, that we may lie.
Come with me, that we may die

Ive fallen asleep, covered in earth
Gleaning my life and hoping not to wake
Sorrow fills the empty cup and drains,
Allowing only tranquility to remain.

Im down, im here
Its me down at the bottom
Looking eye to eye with you
And seeing you up above.

written by weege 2001

Copyright by At First Light 2001-2002. All rights reserved.