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Crusty - "Have you ever heard a 9 min song, that went for 5 min?
Well thats what listening to At first Light is like, you can get so engrosed in the mood that you won't even notice the epic tracks. Alone, is the ultimate Black Metal song, over a month on the charts at no 1 proved that. And as for Soul Restraint, hearing is believing, oh Weege where do you get that voice! And Tim where do you pull inspiration for those solos? All this backed with well timed and solid drummin' from Dazz (The Bastard Child).
I'm not even gonna compare them to Opeth, and In Flames, as they are just too original. But if you like those bands, you will appreciate the sounds of A.F.L."

Prawnman - The Dead End: "There have been a number of bands starting out in the Sydney scene lately, one being At First Light. This two track demo features mighty efforts averaging 9 mins each that travel on a journey through differing mood and pace changes.

The songs contain mellow, sombre sections with gentle guitar playing and clean singing which become mid paced with heavier guitar riffs and melodies. Quite harsh, black vocals are used at these moments, creating an interesting contrast and darker feel to the music. The lead guitar work is very impressive while the bassist and drummer work tirelessly to form the framework to each opus.

The riff structures and distortion of the rhythm guitar remind me a little of Kyuss and the overall feel of the songs is reminiscent of Opeth.

At First Light have done a top job with these songs and of developing their style. It is not an easy task writing such long songs successfully, and they have done well. The sound mix is nice and clear and all musicians play with a passion that shines through in the music."


Logsnapper: "...The most impressive band I saw on the bill were At First Light, a great, full-on but melodic Black Metal band, which in my opinion sounded like a mixture of Amorphis, Dark Throne, Children of Bodom and, strangely enough, Metallica (with the guitar solos). I was most impressed with their performance, I must admit..."

Prawnman - The Dead End: "...A recent addition to Sydney's live scene, I enjoy At First Lights lengthy, guitar laden pieces that change moods from gentle and sombre with clean singing, to quick and distorted with harsh black vocals. The band works well as a unit and had the punters caught in their hypnotic melodies and contrasting darkness. Even with only 4 members, they too had trouble fitting onto the stage, but all managed to play well despite this..."

FOREST INN BEXLEY - Friday January 18th 2002

Prawnman - The Dead End: "Next up was At First Light, whose vocalist is the brother of the Kazera vocalist, well, there you go, a bit of trivia. The mood of the music had changed now and it took me a couple of songs to appreciate where they were coming from. Each song went through many changes, with mellow, sombre beginnings with very well played clean guitar, spoken word and clean singing leading into faster mid pace parts with heavier guitars and melodies. Harsh black vocals are used in these parts to create an interesting dark mix. An excellent display of lead guitar impressed as did the bassist and drummer who worked together providing the framework to each opus.

I was at times reminded a bit of Opeth and to a lessor extent, Celestial Season, but overall the music was done well with its own uniqueness."