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- DECEMBER 2001 -

News as at 31/12/2001 - Weve got some good news for the last day of the year! It seems that At First Light has a "to be confirmed" gig at The Forest Inn Bexley. Well keep you informed about it, but if you join the mailing list youll get all the info you need

News as at 27/12/2001 - If youre smart you might have noticed that new big box up the top there and if youre even smarter youll have realised that is a new mailing list thing for AFL!!! So sign up and youll get to hear stuff about us via email whenever we sent one out.
We hope everyone has a great new years and gets nicely toasted on new years eve.

News as at 17/12/2001 - Seemed about time for an update so here one is. Merry christmas and all that crap.
Some new links have been added so have a geez at them. Click on them too if youre feeling lucky.
We hope that everyone who went to Fear Factory had a fucking awesome time. They played all their best songs!!!

News as at 03/12/2001 - Sooooo we most likely wont be organising a festival now ;) But never fear, we have a couple of aces up out sleeves. You will soon see some new gigs appearing in the gigs section.
Check there frequently!! or dont. we dont really care.
Also you can now read old news if you click the "Archived News" link at the top of this page