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- MARCH 2002 -

News as at 15/03/2002 - Sadly Fatty has decided to leave the band. Everyone is still on good terms, he just decided AFL wasnt right for him.
So that means theres now an open spot for a bassist, so if youre a bassist and want to play melodic black metal then send us an email.

News as at 11/03/2002 - Thankyou to everyone who came to Darkfest. It was great to get positive feedback once again. Sadly there arent any more gigs lined up at the moment, but well be sure to keep everyone informed as soon as they appear!
Be sure to check out Its a great new music site devoted to all kinds of good music. Theres news, reviews and mp3s available there so go and have a look. You'll like it!!

News as at 08/03/2002 - Apparently it would help if ppl new what time we were playing tomorrow. So that time is..... 5:30. So be there before then damnit!

News as at 07/03/2002 - Alone cracked number 1 in the metal charts!! Thanks to everyone that downloaded it. Soul Restraint is sitting at number 4 which is still damn good. Annnnnd AFL is actually number 1 on the artist metal charts!!

News as at 06/03/2002 - Just thought that the Dark Fest gig should be plugged again. so thats what that is for.
And the mailing list and Poll are down at the moment cause Bravenets servers are spastic.