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- JANUARY 2002 -

News as at 30/01/2002 - Theres a review of our last gig up at The Dead Ends Website. Have a read and it might give you a bit more insight into what our music is like seeming as its coming from someone who isnt in the band.

News as at 21/01/2002 - Thanks to everyone for who came to our gig on friday. Were going to get back to writing more material and then hopefully playing some more local gigs.
We do have some bad news however and that is that were no longer playing Spoonfest. Im sure you ppl out there wont be too dissapointed and with a bit of luck well get back there some time in the not too distant future.

News as at 14/01/2002 - Weve recieved word that we will be on the bill for Darkfest. Its going to take place in March at the Camperdown Bowling Club. As soon as we hear more about it, so will you

News as at 04/01/2002 - The Forest Inn gig has been confirmed. Check the Gig page for more details!