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- JULY 2002 -

News as at 4/7/2002 - You can now read the band bio on the profiles page. The profile pictures should hopefully be updated in the not too distant future, as well as more promo pics being put up on the site. If youve got any ideas for settings for the shoot then mail us and let us know!

News as at 3/7/2002 - If youre not on the mailing list then you wont have received the email about our upcoming gig! This coming monday well be playing with Zeitgeist at The Hopetoun Hotel. We're still waiting on a few details, so keep checking back to get the latest news.

News as at 1/7/2002 - AFL once again has a full lineup. The new new bassist is no longer our bassist. We now have a new new new one who is actually our old one. So just to clarify we now have the amazingly talented Fatty back in the band!! All praise the fat man. On top of that our new song "Repent" is almost finished being written so this means we will be gigging (hopefully) within the month. We will keep everyone posted on this one.