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- MAY 2002 -

News as at 30/05/2002 - I finally got around to fixing up the reviews things on the left there. If you didnt see the links to it in the news before, click on it in the menu and check the shiznit out.

News as at 10/05/2002 - Told you updates would be happening again didnt I!! A reviews section has just been made that you can access by clicking here for the moment till that menu on the side gets updated. The chat section is being dropped cause it sucks and no one uses it.

News as at 08/05/2002 - Once again its been almost a month since the last news update. The reason being that things have been a bit slow. BUT weve just tried out a new (new) bassist and things seems to be pretty sweet. So, well be playing another gig. Yes you heard right! We'll be partaking in the UTS Band comp on the 31st of May. Weve only got a 20 minute set so make sure you get there on time (6:50) to cheer us on.
Also seeming everyone wants more pics (and music, but were working on that) on this site, one promo shot and 2 live shots have been stuck up in the pics section.