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- NOVEMBER 2001 -

News as at 26/11/2001 - AFL will be back in the studio this weekend. No, not recording (that will hopefully be soon) but erm.. practicing. Weve had a long enough break and now its time to write some more shit to keep the fans happy!

News as at 21/11/2001 - OK so AFL might be out of action for a little while due to lack of funds and a very dead car (thanks heaps kangaroo). But with us doing less practicing it gives us more time to organise the fest which isnt coming along too quickly but we are working on it so well see what happens.

News as at 9/11/2001 - Kazera have been confirmed for playing at the fest (not that there is actually a fest yet). That makes two bands people. TWO bands!
If youre in a band, or know a band that would like to play this un-named fest please email us. Just click on the "mail us!" button on the left there. Anyways spread the word. If we can score one more band then well give it a name!!!

News as at 8/11/2001 - Dazz is seriously thinkin of runnin a fest someplace in Syd.
He's serious.
We think he must've sniffed too much glue... anyway, if you have anything to say/suggest, stick it up on the board. The end.