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Meet Tim Pedersen

When asked to send a PERSONAL profile kinda thing about himself, we ended up with this (unedited):



Opeth (Abkerfelt and Lindgren), Tool, Zeppelin (Jimi Page), Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, In Flames, Meshuggah, Petrucci, Hendrix, Epicenta, Portishead, MC Esher, Trent's Art

When i was 15 or so I was amazed that I could actually make a guitar sound like Jimi Page, and since then it's been my poison. I had lessons for 6 months, ever since winged it. Biggest influences for years were ZeppelinPage and Hendrix, then Tool did a lot for me, and once the world of metal was opened up to me I finally had something I really wanted to focus on and havn't looked back. I've jammed with Weege forever, and our garage band sometimes called Porous during high school was fun.

Wanting to make something real we went looking for good artists and started creating - this is where we're all up to.

Much more professional.