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News as at 6/04/2003 - Well if you didn't know Dazz has today left Sydney and thus At First Light. We're all gonna miss Dazz and Jenna a bunch. You'll all just have to wait and see what happens from here, rest assured there is activity in the camp.

News as at 16/09/2002 - We've got new pics up!!! Check em out here or click on the photos link on the left there. Gaze upon the awesomeness that is Trents photography (Thanks Trent!). Also the profiles section should be updated shortly. Keep checking back on that one...

News as at 20/08/2002 - So no more gigs for AFL at the moment till we finish writing some new material. This should hopefully be within the next couple of months.

News as at 9/8/2002 - Weve got another gig coming up on the 18th. Well be playing Darkfest 2 at Club 77. This will be a good gig so come and check everyone out!!!

If anyone has suggestions for our site, go ahead and post them on the message board, trust me, it WILL get read! Alternatively, if you don't want ppl to know that a new feature of the site was your idea, and you might want us to take full credit for your genius, then send us some mail. Click on the MAIL US link to your left there, or if you dont want to do it that way, the address is:

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