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Meet Darren Marshall

A profile of me?

Hmm... ok, here goes nothin (and I mean nothin).
Well, I started drumming when I was 16 I think... it was back in '97 (and living in Peak Hill) anyway. Please dont laugh but it was for the school band. They needed a drummer, and after playing like a pro for ANZAC day that year, I got into the school band.
It was the first time I had ever played a drumkit and the band leader said to me "Who's been teaching you?? Where is all this coming from?? For a beginner, you are doing great!!". It was a simple 4/4 rock beat.

I didn't have many big influences then... in fact I wasn'r even into heavy metal! The main things then were The Offspring, Greenday and Nirvana. It was that day in '99 at band prac I realised I should stop fucking around with other instruments (as I was getting NOWHERE) and concentrate on the drumkit.
It wasn't till '99 that I had a chance to buy my own drumkit. I bought two. Two secondhand kits set me back a mere $300. Gradually, bands such as Alice In Chains, Motley Crew, Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura and Armoured Angel found their way into my small CD collection. So, after finishing school in '99 with close to three years of wanting to start a band with a freind, I get bored of Peak Hill and move to Sydney with my newfound girlfreind Kate.

After only two months, some guy that does these way cool drawings (Trent) tells me theres some way cool metal band looking for a drummer. I first hear from Weege on 10th of Feb. and meet him and the other guys (Tim and Fatty) on the 4th of March.
So, now, my biggest sources of inspiration are Vinnie Paul, Lars ulrich and Igor Cavalera.