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Meet weege

When asked to send a PERSONAL profile kinda thing about himself, we ended up with this (unedited):

Dazz: Hey, I need a profile of you for the site....

weege: i was born a bastard child of a blues musician and a prositute in new orleans back in 1963. i started playing guitar back in the late 60s when there was lots of good lsd and plenty of free love. i then furthered my career working alonside such greats as jimi hendrix, mark knopfler and kenny g. after learning many new skills from these wonderful people i put them to use to create the unique style you hear before you today. in retrospect i would have liked to have done more drugs and less guitar playing but what are you gonna do?

hows that?

Dazz: YOU WANT ME TO USE THAT???? ok.......

weege: unless you wanted a real one. i can do that to :) oohh.. favourite bands: Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Tool, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Type O Negative, Soilwork, Lacuna Coil

Dazz: a real one would be good.....

weege: riiiight.. lemme see here
i started playing guitar back in 1988 at the ripe old age of 8. had lessons for a year or so then gave up for ages till tim, me and a few other guys formed a garage band in high school. round abouts 95-96. that went no where but it was fun. so i had more lessons during that period where i developed my skills and put more metal into my classical playing. that band then finished and i was bandless for ages till i found a female on gothic-classifieds who wanted to sing in a band. tim and i guitared and she sung but thingsa didnt work out, so we got other people in worked stuff around and it all came out like it is now.
hey thats more like the band bio.... umm.. i performed once with fatty singing black metal, that is all.

Yes, well, weege does more than just play the guitar. He (eh-hem...) sings.... he writes a lot of our material and he has written lyrics.