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At First Light are a 4 piece melodic black metal band that was formed in April of 2001 and come from Sydney. Ten months after they formed they received interest from a U.S. record label and have been featured on an International Metal Compilation album. While they do not have a full length CD available yet, there is an E.P. that will be available soon containing 4 of the bands tracks, the title being tentaviley "Early Mourning" (running time of 35 minutes). A 2 track demo has been sent overseas to fans who have requested it.

The band has held the number 1 position on the charts with their song Alone and it remained there for over 5 weeks with more than 500 hits in that time.

At First Light are influenced by a wide range of bands that includes the following: Opeth, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Pantera, Zeppelin and Tool. Their songs tend be rather long, on average about 8 minutes in length and because of this they have been described as epic melodic black metal. Each song is very varied containing slower classical guitar parts with clean vocals, to faster more intense moments with black vocals, medium paced guitar and driving grooves

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